MKFotowoltaika.com is leading the charge in helping smart consumers choose solar energy. Through education, research, and relationships with installers and suppliers, MK Fotowoltaika helps consumers connect with the right installers, find solar products to fit their lifestyles, and learn more about solar energy.

Mission Statement

To create a sustainable future by empowering consumers to use solar energy.

About Us

We’re a nimble team of mean, green, climate-change fighting machines. We’re solar energy enthusiasts, and we think the fossil fuel industry needs to be replaced by the clean energy industry. Demand, supply, technology, and pricing are going in the right direction for renewable energy, and we want to help accelerate the process.

Solar energy is the best energy solution. It’s not only better for the environment than traditional energy, but it’s also a smart financial investment. Not to mention solar energy creates jobs, reduces pollution, leads to energy independence, and reduces the amount of excuses for corrupt, money-hungry politicians that serve corporate interests. Ultimately, we want all consumers to use solar energy in their daily lives.

Michael / Founder
Stephan / Mechanical Engineer
Marie / Content

How we got started: Back in 2019, our founder Michael, started this whole thing after having solar panels installed on his own home and saw the money savings, but his passion didn’t begin there. He has spent his entire life looking at the state of the world and understanding the environmental problems we’re facing. He received a degree in Environmental Planning and started his career as an Environmental Planner. After many years of working in digital media, he identified a business that would allow him to share his passion for solar energy and help build a sustainable future for his children…MKFotowoltaika.com.

Today: We’re laser-focused on helping people understand why they should choose solar energy and connecting them to products and services. From understanding the benefits of renewable energy, to buying solar panel systems, to finding the right installer, or buying solar-powered products, we’re here to help. We’re enmeshed in the solar community. We have relationships with installers, manufacturers, activists, and more. (We also geek-out over new solar gadgets, and keep our fingers on the pulse of everything solar). 

We are the go-to place for all your solar needs. The one-stop-shop for everything mean, green, and – hopefully – world-changing.