Among the many options available on the market, it is not easy to find a trusted supplier of solar panels. I was lucky to find experts from MK Fotowoltaika who helped me find a professional contractor. Thank you! - Tony L.


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What we do?

At MK Fotowoltaika, we help smart customers choose solar energy.

We are an independent comparison site for the solar energy industry promoting the quality and transparency of solar panel companies.

What You Need to Know about Solar Energy

Solar energy for your home is an investment for at least 25 years. Learn the ins and outs of the solar industry and learn how to determine if solar energy is right for you and how the processes of purchasing and installing solar panels work.

Can You Trust the Reviews on MK Fotowoltaika?

We do everything in our power to make sure you can trust the reviews you read in MK Fotowoltaika.

We have a team of people who work hard to ensure that the reviews which are posted are authentic.

To this end, we check all reviews before publishing.

False negative reviews are also a problem that we are trying to eliminate.

Here, competitors are trying to unfairly damage the reputation of another company.

Our Mission

MK Fotowoltaika gives you access to unbiased information about solar energy and can decide if solar panels are right for you based on accurate information rather than pressure from solar vendors.

We believe that if we put high-quality information online and if this information is easily understood by consumers, consumers will be less likely to be misled by solar PV companies and more satisfied with their installations.

How You Save Money with Solar Energy

No Electricity Bill

Solar energy can eliminate electricity bills, potentially saving several thousand zlotys a year. Thanks to the meter, you can also earn from the surplus electricity produced by the solar panels.

Increased Home Resale Value

Installing a 3-6 kW solar system in your home can increase its resale value, depending on the size of the system and where you live.

EU Subsidies for Solar Panels

The cost of installing a solar energy system at home can be reduced thanks to EU subsidies.